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Popular Cheese Itineraries

Let's discover traditions and ways of life.

From dressing up as shepherds and accompanying the herds to the pasture, milking, cheese-making workshops, visits to cheese factories, taste tests and stays in accommodations that are integrated into the rural landscape. There is a set of unique and distinctive proposals that allow you to immerse yourself in the history of the territories to understand why these cheeses with Protected Designation of Origin are unique.

The itinerary proposals are also complemented by other equally unique experiences, such as visits to museums, burel factories, trails, castles and villages.

Madredagua Vistaaerea 3
Embraced by history and flavours
Three-day itinerary
PDO Serra da Estrela Region, Region PDO Beira Baixa, PDO Rabaçal Region
Let's go... to the Centre of the Country, to taste incomparable cheeses that tell the stories of the very lands in which they are produced. We start by getting to know the Serra da Estrela PDO cheese up close and then move on to the Beira Baixa PDO cheese and the Rabaçal PDO cheese. Let's discover traditions and ways of life.
Por Recantos E Tesouros Historicos A Descoberta Dos Queijos Da Beira Baixa DOP
Discover the nooks and crannies and historical treasures of Beira Baixa PDO Cheese
Three-day itinerary
PDO Beira Baixa Region
On this route, the stars are the guiding light. We will have the opportunity to see them in the starry sky, between the silence and the mountains. We will have the opportunity to taste them at the table, because, in this itinerary, the Beira Baixa PDO cheeses are, in fact, the biggest stars.
Insua Vistaaerea 2
Living landscapes, traditions and flavours
Three-day itinerary
Region PDO Serra da Estrela
On a journey to the origins, we discover the Serra da Estrela PDO cheese. Kept from generation to generation, it reaches our days with the same genuineness and authenticity.
Pelos 5 Sentidos
By the five senses...
Two-day itinerary
Region PDO Beira Baixa
This is a route that promises to awaken the 5 senses. The look will find stunning landscapes. The chirping of birds, the running of watercourses and the silence will be perfect for any ears looking for days of rest.
Hoteldafabrica Vistaarea
Several hands, one history, one unique flavour
Two-day itinerary
Region PDO Serra da Estrela
On this journey, we listen attentively. We meet the various protagonists, each one delivering a piece of a story told by several hands, lived and felt by many people, many generations.
Restaurante ViRiDi 6
Trail happy memories
Two-day itinerary
Region PDO Rabaçal
In this itinerary, the challenge is to explore landscapes, discovering culture, history and gastronomy. From the land to the table, at each step taken, the challenge is simple: to draw happy memories.
selecao Almeida 1
For an odyssey of flavours
One-day itinerary
Region PDO Beira Baixa
Spicy, Castelo Branco and yellow... At the table, three cheeses from Beira Baixa PDO, three unmistakable flavours that leave any good cheese lover speechless.
Um Dia Para Ser Pastor E Ser Queijeiro
A day to be a shepherd and to be a cheese maker
One-day itinerary
Region PDO Serra da Estrela
For one day, feel like a true shepherd and a true cheese maker.  Follow closely the entire production cycle of Serra da Estrela PDO Cheese, while enjoying the magnificent landscapes and authentic flavours.