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Cheeses from the centre of Portugal

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Region PDO Beira Baixa Region PDO Beira Baixa
Region PDO Serra da Estrela Region PDO Serra da Estrela
Region PDO Rabacal Region PDO Rabaçal

Popular Itineraries

Let's discover traditions and ways of life.
Madredagua Vistaaerea 3
Embraced by history and flavours
Three-day itinerary
PDO Serra da Estrela Region, Region PDO Beira Baixa, PDO Rabaçal Region
Let's go... to the Centre of the Country, to taste incomparable cheeses that tell the stories of the very lands in which they are produced. We start by getting to know the Serra da Estrela PDO cheese up close and then move on to the Beira Baixa PDO cheese and the Rabaçal PDO cheese. Let's discover traditions and ways of life.
Pelos 5 Sentidos
By the five senses...
Two-day itinerary
Region PDO Beira Baixa
This is a route that promises to awaken the 5 senses. The look will find stunning landscapes. The chirping of birds, the running of watercourses and the silence will be perfect for any ears looking for days of rest.
Um Dia Para Ser Pastor E Ser Queijeiro
A day to be a shepherd and to be a cheese maker
One-day itinerary
Region PDO Serra da Estrela
For one day, feel like a true shepherd and a true cheese maker.  Follow closely the entire production cycle of Serra da Estrela PDO Cheese, while enjoying the magnificent landscapes and authentic flavours. 
Itinerary for 2 days in the Region DOP Rabaçal
Trail happy memories
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Popular Tourist Agents

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Cheese factory Rabaçal
Region PDO Rabaçal
Rabaçal - Penela

Queijaria Color Cheese Factory

Restaurante Color Restaurant

Quinta do Cruzeiro
Region PDO Serra da Estrela
Seixo da Beira, Oliveira do Hospital

Queijaria Color Cheese Factory

Quinta das Sesmarias
Region PDO Beira Baixa
Alcains, Castelo Branco

Alojamento Color Accommodation

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Complementary Offers
Espaco Museu Da Villa Romana Do Rabacal

Museum Space of the Roman Villa of Rabaçal

Penela | Rabaçal

This museum space is one of the three spaces that make the Roman presence in those territories understandable.
Castelo Penela Cruzeiro E Porta Da Vila

Penela Castle

Penela | Rabaçal

Historical Heritage
A national monument by decree of 1910, Penela Castle is a medieval fortress with origins in the 11th century, founded by D. Sesnando Davides. 

Information brochure

The Tourist and Gastronomic Route of the Cheeses of the Centre of Portugal is a sustainable and identity tourism offer that has as its anchor product the Queijo Serra da Estrela DOP, Queijos da Beira Baixa DOP and Queijo Rabaçal DOP.